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Water & Waste Facilities

A mainstay of E.S. Wagner Company’s annual volume during our growth period of the 1980s was the construction of water and waste water facilities.  Since that time, we have maintained the diverse skill set and attention to detail to take on the most challenging of these projects.  Always extremely technical in nature, these projects require careful planning and implementation and oftentimes must be completed while the existing service remains in operation.  With in-house capability to perform structural concrete construction, mechanical piping installation and intricate excavation and embankment operations, E.S. Wagner is proud to continue to thrive in this challenging, and highly specialized, area of construction.


  • City of Bowling Green, Ohio
  • City of Dunkirk, Indiana
  • City of Ida, Michigan
  • City of Perrysburg, Ohio
  • City of Toledo, Ohio


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Project Location
Project Value
Lucas County, OH
$ 5,264,501
Bowling Green Low ServicePump Station
Wood County, OH
$ 4,193,147
Bowling Green Waste Water Treatment Plant
Wood County, OH
$ 2,266,125
Ida Waste Water Treatment Plant
Ida, Michigan
$ 591,554
Dunkirk Waste Water Treatment Plant
Dunkirk, Indiana
$ 537,828
Perrysburg Pump Station
Wood County, OH
$ 511,681