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Environmental Services

Although we thrive on progress through construction, at E.S. Wagner we also treasure the environment and seek out projects that strive to keep our soils and aquifers free of contamination.  Our earthwork and grading capabilities allow us to take on landfill construction and closure projects that protect all of us from the waste we generate.  A staff of professionals with extensive environmental backgrounds and training bring the ability and knowledge to perform projects involving the remediation of soil and groundwater contaminated by hazardous materials and the clean-up of buried disposal sites.    


  • Allied Waste
  • Waste Management


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Project Location
Project Value
Toledo, Ohio
$ 49,234,208
Evergreen Landfill Cell 11/Liner Construction/Sediment Pond
Northwood, OH
$ 3,718,664
Landfill - New Cell Construction and Waste Relocation
Carey, OH
$ 3,015,941
Hoffman Road Landfill Cell and Liner Construction
Toledo, OH
$ 2,696,005