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Reservoirs & Earthen Containment Systems

Much of E.S. Wagner’s reputation in the industry has been built on our ability to construct the most demanding of earthwork projects on the most aggressive of schedules.  Whether the project at hand is a reservoir designed to contain billions of gallons or a landfill covering tens of acres, we have the capability to deliver.  Through the application of a massive earthmoving fleet, the latest in grade control technology and a commitment to quality and on-time delivery, our productions will reach well in to the thousands of cubic yards per hour and we will meet any project timeline.  Our reputation is well earned.  


  • Allied Waste
  • City of Lima, Ohio
  • Waste Management

"E.S. Wagner consistently worked to solve problems during construction, and offered multiple suggestions and recommendations that improved the project."

- Joseph Troxell, P.E., Senior Engineer & Timothy A. Van Echo, P.E., Principal Engineer
S&ME, INC., Columbus, Ohio


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Project Location
Project Value
Allen County, OH
$ 15,644,389
Evergreen Landfill Cell 11/Liner Construction/Sediment Pond
Northwood, OH
$ 3,718,664
Landfill - New Cell Construction and Waste Relocation
Carey, OH
$ 3,015,941
Hoffman Road Landfill Cell and Liner Construction
Toledo, OH
$ 2,696,005