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In business since 1947, E.S. Wagner Company has a developed a recipe for success that is built upon a comprehensive understanding of the construction industry, strong financial management and a progressive asset management program. Our employees are the primary focus of this program and the safety, health and well-being of all E.S. Wagner personnel is of paramount importance.

E.S. Wagner has adopted the following principles as the foundation for a safe organization:

To build upon these foundational principles, ESW is committed to:

As an E.S. Wagner Employee, you are required to:

Because of ESW’s commitment to these principles, our excellence in safety achievements have been formally recognized by both, our clients and Construction Advocacy groups… most recently having been awarded the 2015 Jerry Keller Memorial Safety Award from the Ohio Contractors Association.

Recognizing construction to be an inherently dangerous business, E.S. Wagner is committed to providing a safe work environment for all employees, subcontractors, owner representatives and any other individual associated with an ESW project. This commitment is demonstrated through behavioral safety programs, safety education/training, daily Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), providing a drug-free workplace and injury prevention measures. Through these programs, all ESW employees are taught to assume responsibility for their individual safety and the safety of others. The concept of individual responsibility for safety, serves as the basis for our safety slogan… “ESW SAFETY – OWN IT”.